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Applying the Lean 6 Sigma methodologies in your work life can have a positive impact on your future career. When you add the Lean Six Sigma certification to your resume, it shows that you are committed to improving your analytical skills and business acumen. The principles of Lean Six Sigma can be applied to a broad range of industries all over the world. Examples are the United States Army, Starwood Hotels, Sears, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, and Amazon.

Bill Smith developed the Six Sigma concept in 1986. As an engineer at the Motorola Company, his goal was to improve the devices of the company that didn’t meet the required quality standards at that time. His approach was based on quality and statistical quality control methods that were taught by Edwards Deming, Ronald Fisher, and Walter Shewhart.

LSS Alaska - Lean Six Sigma Certification

What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools that companies use to improve their processes of production guarantee quality and eliminate defects. The lean and six sigma certification helps to validate professionals who are highly skilled in identifying defects, errors, and risks in business processes and then removing them. For individuals to get the Six Sigma Certification, they need a particular level of experience and also testify their efficiency. This certification helps the individual to become a specialist in process improvement and enhances his or her credibility. 

Levels of Lean Six Sigma Certification

There are various levels of Six Sigma certification. These include the White, Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belts. You can get this certification from a reputable organization like Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alaska.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt is a basic certification level that deals with the basic concepts of Six Sigma. White Belt professionals support change management within the organization and collaborate with the local problem-solving teams that help projects.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt consultants have a deep understanding of the specifics of Six Sigma and where and how to apply them. They support project teams in the problem solving tasks.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt helps you to understand the advanced analysis and can solve the problems that impact quality. The Green Belt professionals lead projects and help the black belts with the collection and analysis of data.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are agents and experts of change. Apart from leading projects, these professionals also offer training.

Last, we have the Six Sigma Master Black Belts. It is the highest level of achievement that you can get in Six Sigma. At this level, the experts can develop key metrics, shape strategy, and act as a coach and consultant.

What you could be wondering is whether Six Sigma is worth the effort. Apart from adding an additional skill to your resume, there are several other benefits that come with Six Sigma certification. The six sigma yellow belt free online course is beneficial to both the organization and its employees.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification to Individuals

Lean Six Sigma Certification will help your organization to eliminate defects and errors and reduce risk. When an individual acquires project management software, he will become crucial to the ability of the organization to identify and eliminate errors.

It will also help you to sustain quality improvement and improve business processes. With the green belt training, you will be able to analyze the business and manufacturing processes of your company and undertake the necessary steps of improving them. You will also be able to review your current practices and understand their effect on quality management. Certification will also help you to attain the level of sustained quality improvement that the organization requires. You will also be able to monitor the process closely so that there will be little to no deviation from the mean.

The certification will also help you to become valuable in the industry. The Six Sigma technique is an industry-agnostic methodology that you can apply in several industries like marketing, HR, IT, banking and financial services, telecom, electronics, and aerospace. Six Sigma Individuals are knowledgeable in several different methods that they can apply to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve employee acceptance, and streamline business processes. This will in turn improve employee acceptance, increase revenue, and reduce costs. This will in turn result in a better bottom line regardless of your industry.

Lean Six Sigma certification will also help you to ensure compliance. The reason is that this process calls for high-quality standards. It will help you to comply with international standards and maintain profitable contracts. The certification is also good for anyone who wants to rise to managerial positions and earn an excellent salary. The last thing that Lean Six Sigma will help you with is helping you to gain hands-on experience in quality management.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification to the Organization

The first benefit of this certification to the organization is improved productivity. These new approaches will help you to save a lot of time in the production process. This, in turn, leads to reduced costs through defect reduction that minimizes wastes. Failing to create high-quality products can be so costly to the organization.  This certification will help you to overcome some of these challenges.

The certification also boosts the confidence that customers have in your company. It streamlines the processes that increase customer satisfaction. You will also be able to gain stakeholder trust and improve the credibility of your company. Stakeholders and clients trust organizations whose employees hold the relevant qualifications such as Lean Six Sigma Certification. It tells them that your number one priority as a company is quality. Companies that are driven by quality are highly competitive and this instills confidence in their partners and investors. The last benefit of the Lean Six Sigma course to organizations is that it reduces the turnover of employees and the training costs. You can get this certification by contacting Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alaska.

From this discussion, it is evident that we cannot overstate the importance of Six Sigma Certification. Employers will get the desired peace of mind when they are sure that professionals are running their production lines. Besides, this certification has so many benefits to the employees. It is good to aspire to become certified if you haven’t received this certification.

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