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Most organizations, executives, and managers work towards minimizing costs by reducing expenditure on outside resources. Even though the cost is an important factor, it should not be the determining factor when choosing a Lean Six Sigma consultant.

There are so many consulting firms that deal in Lean Six Sigma. Most of them are ready and willing to work with you and your business. The challenge would be choosing the best six sigma consultancy firms among the various options. There are several factors and characteristics that you need to put into consideration. Some of them include the reputation of the brand, industry experience, and cost among others. If you review the various options in the market, you will discover that the best brand in the region is Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alaska. Several companies in the region compete with us but we remain to be the best. Here are some of the things that make us the best brand when it comes to Lean Six Sigma Consultancy in Alaska.

LSS Alaska - Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Similar Philosophies or Core Values

Productive relationships start with shared values. You need to use the same ideology when choosing these business partners. Think about how you will go about solving your problems. You need to set aside the best time to work on those problems. Who will be responsible for the management of the project? You need to ask yourself some of these reflective questions before you choose a six sigma consultancy firm. Once you understand your values and why you are doing what you are doing, you will have the confidence and knowledge you need to make the right decision.

Compliment & Not Complicate Your Work Life

Excellent service delivery goes a long way beyond what most executives and managers can realize. You need a consultant that understands how you and your organization functions. This knowledge gives them the insights of performing in ways that complement and not complicate your life. A friendly and welcoming approach may be all that you require to obtain approval from your stakeholders. It will be able to push your Lean Six Sigma improvement process project off its tracks.

Professionals who practice What They Preach

Leading by example is the best way to guide your team. Applying continuous learning and coaching habits to the work of consultants displays trustworthiness and accountability for what they do. When you have strong confidence that you are dealing with an accountable and proactive Lean Six Sigma consultant, you will have peace of mind that your project is on budget and on track.

Experienced and successful consultants often use the principles of Lean Six Sigma in their work. It runs from communication techniques all the way to problem-solving and many more. The best consultants are also easily approachable and accessible. It enables them to promote collaboration and foster communication between your team members and eventually through the whole organization. 

Search Smarter and Not Harder

Organizations can spend several weeks, months, or even years searching for Lean Six Sigma consultants and consulting firms in Alaska. You need confidence that the professionals that you are choosing will do the best in your unique solution. The secret is choosing a consultant who matches your needs, your industry, and your organization perfectly. You need to spend less time on the search for consultants and more time on improvement.

Finding a Lean Six Sigma consultant to train, coach, or guide your team is an easy process. However, it is a much more difficult task to get the best consultant. Any consultant can attempt to use Lean Six Sigma to make improvements. However, their success, but more importantly yours, depends on their experience, characteristics, and core values.

Core Values of an Effective Lean Six Sigma Consultant

There are so many core values that consultants should possess in order to benefit your organization and your team. The most important ones are;

  • Respecting individuals, processes, and the organization at large
  • Holding themselves and the other team members accountable
  • Promoting and providing knowledge sharing

When experts have the above core values, they will be able to nurture communication and break down silos which will enhance their efficiency in building buy-in and implementing and preparing a successful Lean Six Sigma initiative. The above three core values are simple but common sense and are an indication of great lean sigma consultants. These are the people who will be able to take your improvement project faster and farther.

LSS Alaska - Lean Six Sigma Certification

Attributes to Look For!

Apart from the core values, there are specific characteristics that you need to look for when looking for the best Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services. As we said, you need a brand that will meet your needs best. The first one is that the consultants should be approachable. A welcoming and friendly demeanor goes a very long way. It helps consultants in opening more doors and creating effective, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with more important stakeholders and team members. 

The second attribute is being excited because passion is a critical trait for successful individuals. Consultants who believe in how what, and why they do what they do in an indication of a sense of higher purpose. It increases their performance which is more than a simple money reward.

The last one is free-thinking which entails introducing fresh perspectives which enable the consultants to assist your team to break free from unconscious routines and habits that seem to make up the current state of mind of your team.

Does Experience Matter

It is wise to go for a Lean Sigma consultant who has experience in your industry. It will help you to choose the best option. Most organizations disqualify consultants who don’t have specific experience even though this is not a wise decision all the time.

The overall track record of the consultant is more important than just looking at the experience that the consultant has in your specific industry. A highly effective and successful consultant should be flexible. These experts should have the ability to apply their experience vertically and horizontally to any function or industry. When looking at the experience of the consultant, make sure that you look at their detailed success stories. You will know that the consultant has hands-on experience when he gives you specific examples during the interview.

The other element is sustained relationships and you need to look for a consultant who still has ongoing relations with his or her customers. It shows that this professional continues to deliver great results. An effective consultant will be able to create and grow sustainable, long-lasting, and profitable relationships.

Also, look for an individual who has a solid track record in the industry. You can look at their online reputation or ask your friends and family for recommendations. Whatever your needs, one of the companies that will not let you down in Lean Six Sigma Consulting is Lean Six Sigma Experts of Alaska.

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